Sunday, April 1, 2012

Opening Day Turkey Double

I had an unforgettable turkey hunt yesterday with my Dad at our lease. We decided to hunt a clearing adjacent to an area where I had seen some turkeys roosting back during duck season. So we pulled up in my truck early yesterday morning and immediately heard at least three different birds gobbling from the roost. We moved into position in the clearing and got the pop up blind and decoy set up as quietly as we could. After waiting a few minutes I began making a few quiet calls. The birds responded vocally to the first few calls and then got quiet. At that point I told my dad they were probably off the roost and on the ground. Just a moment later I noticed a bird coming in from our right at about 40 yards. Then another bird right behind him. Two more had made their way into the clearing about 100 yards straight ahead of us. The two to our right were a couple jakes and they began to get wary of the decoy, so before they got out of range we decided that was probably going to be our best shot opportunity. On the count of three we each squeezed the trigger and both birds dropped. It was definitely a moment I won't forget, and a great memory made with my Dad!

A big thanks to Kip Feroce and Ferocious Calls for sending me a custom box call to try in the field! Check out his website at for his complete line of calls. What a great product!

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