Friday, August 7, 2009

White-winged Doves

With dove season just around the corner, I thought I would share some pictures that my dad took earlier this week. This was the scene in his front yard.

Those are white-winged doves. Historically, white-wings have been a South Texas bird, but in the last few years it seems their range is expanding northward. I had never even seen a white-wing until about five years ago when I saw a flock of them near Lavon Lake. I have dove hunted since I was old enough to carry a shotgun and to this day I have never shot a white-wing, and I have shot hundreds of birds through the years. My dad told me that they are all over the little town he lives in. When he and my mom goes for a walk, he says they literally see flocks of hundreds of them.

I know some of you Northerners think of doves as a songbird and you don't have seasons to hunt them. I feel sorry for you! You are missing out! When wrapped in bacon and stuffed with a jalapeno they are mighty tasty! The limit for doves here in North Texas is 15 per day. I could get my limit with one shot!

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Bio Bo said...

In '06 I was dove hunting out by Knox City and we bagged several white winged doves during our hunt. I thought at the time that they were pretty far north for their range. Personally, I welcome the increase in their range and the increase in birds. They are a terrific game bird...