Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No Luck Getting Drawn for Public Hunts

All my life it seems like my name never gets drawn when it comes to raffles, give-aways, and other games of chance. And now it appears the same is holding true for public hunts. First, I didn't get drawn for Hagerman, then I didn't get drawn for an Iowa tag, and I found out today that I didn't get drawn for either of the archery hunts I put in for which are offered by TPWD, one being the Whitetail hunt at Gus Engeling WMA and the other the Mule Deer hunt at Matador WMA. So I'm 0 for 4 so far. I still have a chance at getting drawn for a managed hunt in Missouri and several of the gun hunts offered by TPWD.

Actually, I did get drawn for something one time. About ten years ago I bought a raffle ticket at the Gunter High School basketball game for a chance to shoot a half-court shot during halftime. If you made the half-court shot you won the pot of money which had been increasing in size all season long after each of the washed-up locals whose ticket was drawn airballed the shot and didn't even come close. The raffle was being held to raise money for the prom or something. Well it came time for the drawing and I was sitting in the stands with my parents and I leaned over to my mom and with a confidence similar to that displayed by Jimmy Chitwood in the movie "Hoosiers", I calmly told her "If I get drawn, I'll make it." You can ask her, I'm not making this up. Well what do you know they just called my number! So I walked out on the court and they bounced a basketball to me. Picture this, I just got off work digging trenches for a plumber and I was wearing an old nasty T-shirt, a pair of dirty Wranglers, and some work boots. I dribbled the ball a couple times and glanced up at the goal. I dribbled it one more time and took a jump shot. As soon as I let it go, I knew it was in. It had a perfect arc on it and it went through the rim with nothing but net. I leaned back and gave one of those Tiger Woods' fist pumps as the crowd went wild - well at least a few of them went wild. I think I won $100 for that shot. They did away with the half-court shot raffle after that. I guess they lost money or something.

I guess if history repeats itself and I actually do get drawn for one of these hunts something good is liable to happen!

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