Monday, August 25, 2008

Sportsman's Feast

Yesterday evening was the 3rd Annual Sportsman's Feast at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church in Allen, Texas. This is part of the men's ministry at Chris Mogan's church, and he has been kind enough to invite my Dad and I for the third consecutive year. Each year they have a good meal, exhibits, several speakers, and lots of door prizes. This year the keynote speaker was retired 4-star General, Tommy Franks. He was very interesting to listen to and emphasized that we are "One nation, under GOD" and "In GOD we trust". He is definitely a man's man who takes a common-sense approach to everything he does. I know I enjoyed listening to him, and I wish he would have spoken longer. It seems like he was just getting warmed up when he quit talking. I enjoyed the Christian fellowship with the other guys and hope to get to attend next year as well. Thanks for the invitation Chris!

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