Saturday, April 25, 2009

Turkey Hunting 2009 - Round 2

This morning my Dad and I tried for the second time this season to call up a spring gobbler. End result: same as our first try this year - didn't see any turkeys or hear any turkeys. Fortunately, Texas Parks & Wildlife allows us a month and a half for spring turkey season in our zone, so we still have until May 17 to harvest up to 4 gobblers. I'd be happy with just one! This season has been tough. I've got a pretty busy schedule between now and the 17th of May, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in one more hunt before the season comes to a close.

I checked my trail cameras and one did happen to capture a picture of a turkey, but it was just a hen. At least I know there are still turkeys in the area.

I didn't have as many pictures as I should have because one of the memory cards I was using was too small and only held 20 pictures, which was about two days worth, and I haven't checked the cameras in about three weeks.

Remember the piglets I have referred to a couple times? It appears that my trail cameras are documenting their entire growth and development. They are getting bigger now and appear to be entering adolescence. These little guys are so frequent on the cameras that I'm gonna have to come up with some names for them.

I got a few deer pics too:

I'm not real sure what is going on with this fella, but he looks kinda goofy in this picture:

I guess these deer are just losing their winter coat, but they sure don't look good:

My dad took some pretty good pictures with his camera this morning and I'll try to update this post with some of those once I get my hands on them.

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Looking at pictures of wildlife never gets old.