Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Somewhat Disappointed . . .

I pulled the memory cards off my trail camera this past weekend. I was glad to see that I had quite a few deer pictures, but I was a little bit disappointed that I didn't have more buck pictures than I did. That happens sometimes - I know they're out there, but they didn't show their face. I put in fresh batteries and a clean memory card and will see what happens next time. Here are some of the pictures. This first one is the best picture of a buck that I got this time.

The middle deer in this picture looks like his antlers aren't growing properly.

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Poor Boys Outdoors said...

I feel your pain, Rob! We've been getting tons of pics, but very few bucks. However, they seem to be picking up a little more now. In the last week, we've gotten pics of a few different bucks that I think will fall into the "shooter" category. Unfortunately, I still haven't seen a few from last year that I was hoping made it through.