Sunday, October 4, 2009

Opening Day of Archery Season

Saturday found my dad and I in our treestands at the hunting lease. The day started out with beautiful, clear weather for the morning hunt, but rain and clouds moved in during the middle part of the afternoon. While my dad didn't see anything from his stand Saturday morning, I saw three young bucks (a small 8-point, a 4-point, and a deer that looked like it might have been a spike), but none of the deer were within bow range.

Saturday evening my dad had some other obligations to attend to and I sat in a different stand that I just put up a few weeks ago. I ended up seeing five deer that evening (3 does and 2 yearlings), but once again nothing was in bow range to provide a shot opportunity.

I checked my trail cameras and had a few good pictures. These first two are from my second homemade game camera that I just put out at a feeder a couple weeks ago.

These next pictures are from the first homemade game camera.

These last pictures are from the Cuddeback.

I've had game cameras running for several years and these are the first pictures I have ever gotten of bucks fighting.

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