Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slow Start to Archery Season

This archery season has started out pretty slow for me so far. Last weekend I hunted on Sunday and didn't see anything from either of my stands. But, I jumped five deer while walking back to the truck.

I had moved one of my game cameras to a new spot weekend before last, and when I checked it on Sunday it had pictures of three different bucks that I haven't previously gotten pictures of this year. The biggest one in these pictures is definitely the biggest buck I have ever captured on a game camera, and this is the quality of deer we have been holding out for over the last several years. Hopefully one of us will get a shot at him this season!

I also got some neat pictures of these grey foxes.


Pink Camo Gal said...

Nice Buck!! I hope you get him soon, too! I would love a grey fox! We don't have any around here, mainly reds and coyotes! Haha!

Pink Camo Gal said...

Rob, we are in East Texas. We hunt in Cherokee County. It isn't a great lease, honestly, not for bucks. A lot of doe and over-run with hogs. But it is close to home and does the job for now. My husband is from Oklahoma and do our Turkey hunting there, outside Enid. Hoping next year to get a good lease a little more west and south in Texas!