Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shot a doe this morning . . .

Well, I'm ending 2009 on a pretty good note. I was able to take a doe this morning and put some more venison in the freezer. It was about a 65-yard shot with my .30-06, and there was no tracking this one. She dropped in her tracks. I'm partial to archery equipment, but taking this one with the rifle this morning helped to get rid of the bitter taste in my mouth from losing the big buck last week.

I tried to take a picture with my trail camera, but apparently I was too close and the picture only includes me and not the deer. I couldn't help but laugh when I got home and looked at the pictures of me kneeling on the ground with a big grin on my face and no deer in the picture.

I was able to check some trail cameras and a new buck showed up on one of them that I have never seen before. We usually don't get much snow, but this past week we got a couple good snow storms. So this is a unique picture for me. Check out the tine-length on this dude!


Anonymous said...

Nice work Rob harvesting that doe. It really is a great way to end 2009 and by the look of that buck in the picture, 2010 is looking pretty promising!

Happpy New Year!

Bill said...

Congrats on the doe! That buck picture is really nice.