Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coyotes in the Snow

A couple of the guys at work checked a trail camera today and it had taken some really neat pictures of some coyotes. We got about 9" of snow in our area last Thursday, and it seems to me that snow makes just about any picture prettier - even a picture of a coyote!

I have done quite a bit of predator hunting in my time, and let me tell ya, there is nothing quite like the rush you get when you call in a coyote and he is trotting in straight toward you at about 30 yards with no intentions of stopping! Knowing that they are in hunt-mode and looking for you adds an interesting twist to it. Calling coyotes is lots of fun, and I have found that this time of year is the best time to hunt them. I use a jackrabbit-in-distress call and have had up to four of them come in at once.

Coyotes are very abundant in our area. I hear them howling almost every time I deer hunt, and I see them pretty regularly as well. What is the coyote population like in your area?


Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome coyote pictures.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Beautiful pictues Rob...thanks for sharing! :)