Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hunting in the City

Dove season is rapidly approaching here in North Texas and one local city will have its fair share of hunters. That's right, hunting within the city limits of Frisco, Texas is allowed under certain circumstances. Check out this news story for the complete lowdown...

This is the text version of the story on the news station's website:
Dove Hunting in the City

Here is the video of the news story (be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause the playlist so you can view the video without the extra noise):

View more news videos at:

One thing I would like to point out (as does someone who left a comment on the news story) is that the picture of the guy in the gun shop holding the black shotgun at the bottom of the website article is completely inaccurate of the type of firearm used for dove hunting. That gun in the picture is a self-defense or home-defense model that would not be suited for dove hunting. It looks a whole lot scarier than a typical shotgun used in the field, but in reality the black gun has a shorter barrel which would result in a wider shot pattern that is only practical for very close-range shots. That picture is a perfect example of how someone who is not familiar with firearms could easily be led to believe something that isn't factual.

Don't you wish you lived in Texas? I'm sure glad I do!


Trey said...

Dove season is my favorite of the year! Just so hot during the first season! Good luck!

ethereal said...

Im right behind you buck.. A great deal of freedom and control comes with owning your own personal hunting land. It gives you the power to say who can hunt on that land and when they can do it. You no longer have to deal with fighting over the best spots and best time of day to hunt with other hunters. Once you find the right hunting land for sale and purchase it, all that freedom and power is yours.

Nebraska Hunting Company said...

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Best to you,
Scott Croner™
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