Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tag Along with me to the Hunting Lease

It has been several weeks since I have been able to make the trek out to the hunting lease to check on things. Earlier this week, my wife got an invitation from one of her friends for us to come watch her son's tee-ball game on Saturday. This friend lives a little over an hour away from us to the northwest, not too far from where I hunt. So, I discussed it with the wife and we came to the conclusion that we would go to the tee-ball game, grab a bite to eat with these friends, and then I would go take care of what I needed to at the lease while she and my daughters spent the afternoon visiting and playing with these friends. A Win-Win situation for all parties involved.

We brought my wife's camera, so I decided to document my trip to the lease in pictures. Tag along with me and I'll give you a quick tour.

Just about 10 more miles . . . we're almost there. Okay, this is where we turn. Man, those sure are some pretty flowers on the side of the road.
We've got to take this rock road for a few miles and then we'll be there.
Alright, we made it. You gonna get out and get the gate? ? ? Never mind, I'll get it.
When I was opening the gate I heard a Bob-white quail whistling. That's the first time I've heard one over here. We hear them and see them pretty regularly over by the bunkhouse, but that is a few more miles down the road.

Just inside the gate, over to your right you will see a beautiful patch of Black-eyed Susans.
First, let's go fill up the protein feeder. It's gonna be down at the end of this fencerow, just inside where the woods start back there.
There it is over there. Like I said, it has been a few weeks since I have checked on it so I would imagine it is empty. Why don't you go take the lid off for me and just check and see if there is any feed left in it . . .
Do what?!? You think a bird has made a nest inside it. I'll be dang, you're right! That's funny!
Alright, well let's go ahead and get the feed out of the back of the truck. You think you can lift those up to me? ? ? Never mind, I'll do it myself.
Okay, now that that's done, hop back in the truck and let's drive back to my hunting spots and switch out the memory cards and batteries in my trail cameras. Hey look at that sunflower.
I've always liked that old windmill over there.
This road is a lot better than it used to be, but it gets real slick when it rains.
Over on the right side of that draw over there is where I got my first deer with a bow several years ago.
I know, we keep gettin' further and further off the main road. I really need a 4-wheel drive, don't I?
Okay, now we're gonna have to walk a little ways. Keep an eye out for rattlesnakes - I've got my pistol just in case. The first camera is a good ways back here. There it is over there on the right.
Hand me that memory card and I'll switch it out on this first camera. Looks like the batteries are still good.
Okay, the second camera is another pretty good little walk from here. I know - the briars are thick, aren't they? There it is, right up there.
Got that one all ready to go. Well, that is everything I wanted to accomplish. Let's head toward the gate. There is a real nice little lake right up here on the left. Man, that looks too good to just drive by and not wet a hook. Since I didn't remember my fishing pole, I guess it's a good thing I stopped by Wal-Mart and bought a cheap combo and a few lures on the way out here.
Hey, looky there, I got a bite! It's just a little bluegill. You caught anything yet?
Well, I guess we'd better start headin' back - the girls will be calling soon. Let's hit the road.
That was fun. I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe you can tag along again sometime.


wandering owl said...

Awesome pics! Good luck come deer season.

shimniok said...

It was nice to get out of the house and into the outdoors... if only virtually. Thanks :)

Scott Crider said...

Rob, GREAT pics...felt like I was along for the ride. FYI, please check the link you have for my blog...i had to migrate over to typepad over the weekend so the link you have may be broken. New address is either or

Your choice!


Rob said...

Just found your blog. Great trip to the lease... looks a lot like mine but not with that pond. Very nice. I'll have to check back often.