Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trail Camera Pics - (April 25 - June 6)

Here are some of my most recent trail camera pictures.

Camera #1: Cuddeback Capture IR
These are the piglets I have been seeing and getting pictures of for the last few months.

Here are a few bucks starting to sport their new headgear. It will be neat to watch how fast the antlers grow throughout the summer.

Here is a nasty looking song dog.

This was the last picture on the camera, from just a few days ago.

Camera #2: Cuddeback Excite
These cameras aren't too far apart, so the piglets had posed for this camera as well.

There were a few bucks on this camera too.

This doe looks to me like she is very close to giving birth.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, I have got to get me a new trail camera soon.

native said...

Great pics Rob,
Those cameras sure are a useful tool, and I find myself waiting in anticipation for the next round to check out at our places.

Just like opening christmas presents!

Rob said...

Yes, just like opening Christmas presents! Sometimes, I think I have more fun and anticipate getting the pictures off the camera than I do the hunt itself.