Friday, June 12, 2009

TPWD Increases Hunting/Fishing License Fees

The following is an excerpt from a news release issued by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department:

Hunting licenses will increase from $23 to $25, while the popular Super Combo all-inclusive license increases from $64 to $68.

Non-resident hunting licenses increase by $15 from $300 to $315, which also reflects a five percent hike.

Fishing packages will also increase by $2. The resident freshwater fishing package increases from $28 to $30 and the saltwater fishing package increases from $33 to $35.

The biggest increase in license fees approved by the commission affects lifetime licenses. The resident lifetime fishing and hunting licenses will increase to $1,000 and the lifetime combination license increases to $1,800.

"We have not increased the cost of a lifetime license for 12 years," said Gene McCarty, TPWD deputy director of administration. "Frankly, these licenses have been undervalued and could represent significant lost revenue over time if not adjusted."

I wish I would have purchased a lifetime hunting license ten years ago when they were $600. It would have nearly paid for itself by now. With an increase to $1000, I don't see myself being able to get one of those anytime soon.

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Deer Passion said...

Kansas is planning on license fee increases over the next few years too. I agree.. wish I would have bought a lifetime license a several years back.