Thursday, March 4, 2010

Does This Look Familiar?

Remember the 160"-class set of sheds my friend Justin found a couple weeks ago? Well, look what he found this week! This appears to be the same deer's right antler from this year.

Justin told me he found this one approximately a 1/2-mile from where he found the matching set. I guess there is a possibility this antler is from a different deer, but it sure does look similar. It has slightly less mass than the antler from last year but added a little bit in main-beam length. It also has a kicker point near the base that wasn't present last year. Here are some pictures comparing it to the matched set.

Is it possible that this deer might have reached his prime last year and is now on his way downhill, or could it just be that habitat conditions were better last year resulting in a better set of antlers? Or is this an antler from a different deer with very similar genetics? What do you think? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Congratulations on another amazing find Justin!


Anonymous said...

Now those are some real nice sheds. I volunteer to shed sit for you if you need someone.

Anna Vogler said...

Hey rob! thanks 4 the comment on my blog! yours is VERY interesting! i LOVE the sheds ya'll found!! amazing! i hope i can get out in the next or so and look for sum 2!! have a good one!