Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Best Shed To-Date

I went to one of my favorite shed hunting spots this morning and found my biggest shed to-date! Unfortunately, it wasn't a fresh one from this year, as it looked like it had been exposed to the elements for quite some time - maybe even a couple years. But, the squirrels and rats hadn't chewed on it a bit so it was still in pretty decent shape.

(Note: This isn't how the antler was laying when I found it. It was actually kinda buried under some grass. I just thought this would make a better picture!)

When I got home I put the tape measure to it. It had 4 scorable points and I scored it at 63 5/8". Probably the most impressive measurement on this antler was the main beam length of 26 4/8". So, assuming this deer had a symmetrical antler on the opposite side and an approximate 18" spread, you're looking at a deer that will score between 145" - 150". That's not too shabby!

This year has allowed me to do more shed hunting than ever before and it is a blast. Although, the success rate at times reminds me of when I used to have a bass boat and would go bass fishing on some of the area lakes. You could fish all day long and sometimes only catch one fish. The same goes with shed hunting - sometimes you can look all day long and not find anything!

Today was a gorgeous day, and the temperature got up into the 60's. Spring is just around the corner, and things are beginning to bloom. I snapped a couple other nice pictures while out in the woods.

I also found another antler Friday evening but this one was a real small one. Here you can see how it compares to the one I found today.

If you haven't been shed hunting this year, get off the couch and take a stroll through the woods. You never know what you might find!


Pink Camo Gal said...

MAN! That is a great shed! I need to go out to the lease and do some myself!! I have never found one :(

Great pictures!!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great shed Rob. I hope you get to see that guy on the hoof this fall!

Anonymous said...

Awesome shed! And great pics. I'm inspired to go get muddy. My biggest shed find is only about half the size of your latest. Great find.

Anonymous said...

I've been out a couple of times and I'm itching to get back out again especially after reading this post.

Marian Love Phillips said...

I would love to go shed hunting...sounds like a great way to get back in the woods and close to nature...Like your pics also of flower and tree.