Friday, May 22, 2009

Prayers needed for Tred Barta

For those of you who have never heard of Tred Barta, he is the host of a television show on the Versus network called "The Best and Worst of Tred Barta". I personally really like Tred's show. It isn't your typical hunting show and Tred isn't always politically correct. In one show he hunted feral hogs by tracking them with dogs and then stabbing them with a knife, in another show I saw him shoot a Mallard duck on the fly with a longbow and homemade wooden arrows, and I've also seen him come face to face with bears armed with nothing but his longbow. On most of his hunts, he never gets close enough to the game he is pursuing to be able to make a shot, but the thrill of the stalk is worth watching. He always says, "It may not be the easy way, but it's the Barta way!" Tred is a very accomplished outdoorsman and holds multiple records in bowhunting as well as sportfishing.
The following excerpt comes from a post by one of the administrators on the forum:

On his way to Alaska to tape his TV show, Tred Barta suffered a rare occurrence called a spinal stroke affecting his T2-T10 vertebrae. Since there are only 12 of these Thoracic bones, that’s a very large area. He is currently paralyzed from just below the chest down. Prognosis is way up in the air at the moment. Some medicos predict permanent paralysis while others have given him up to a 60-percent chance of at least partial recovery. His message to everyone is… “Don’t take a single second of your life for granted.”

To read a little more about Tred, click here. He has quite the resume! As the lyrics to his TV show's theme song say, "You're the man, Tred Barta, you're the man!"

Let's remember Tred and his family in our thoughts and prayers.


Poor Boys Outdoors said...

Thanks for posting this Rob. My thoughts and prayers will certainly be with Tred and his family.

native said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Rob, I do not watch outdoor programs much, but Tred Barta is one of the few honest ones out there.

We will say a prayer for him as well tonight!