Friday, May 29, 2009

What does it score? (Installment #2)

Here are the results from the first installment of "What does it score?": The buck in the picture gross scored 172 5/8".

1st Place - Incognito - with a score of 177 (+4 3/8" difference)
2nd Place - Red Writing - with a score of 193 (+20 3/8" difference)
3rd Place - Steph - with a score of 197 3/8 (+24 6/8" difference)

Congratulations, Incognito, that was a very good evaluation. (And I'm pretty sure I have a good idea who you might be - thanks for stopping by.)

Red Writing, I'm impressed you took a stab at it, and that was a very good guess for someone who doesn't hunt and isn't familiar scoring deer.

Steph, I expected a better guess out of you than that - maybe I spoke too soon. But I still love you!

When I guesstimated the score of this deer, I had him at about 159", but I tend to try to be a little more conservative with the score, to avoid the "ground shrinkage" effect.

Here is the deer to score for installment #2. Once again, submit your guess by clicking on the "comments" link at the bottom of this post. This one is from Pike County, Illinois.


Red Writing said...

I am getting nervous and kind of worn out just thinking about figuring up my score for this next one. Second place is the first loser, so I will be focusing even harder this time.

Rob said...

Just a quick tip: The inside spread measurement (between the two antlers) can be estimated by comparing it to the width of the animals ears from tip to tip, which is usually about 13" on a Texas deer and about 15" on a bigger, northern deer.

Ferg said...


Incognito said...

this one is a bit tougher to pinpoint an exact score because its hard to see the length of the g-4's in the head-on picture and it makes it a little tougher to judge main beam length. even though the g-4's are not very long they still give you an extra mass measurment so......i think definitely in the 140's...closer to 140 than 150...and 143 6/8 exactly

Red Writing said...


Steph said...

152 3/8